A spicy touch


Un toque picante-icono¡Spice is the spark that your dishes need! This grow kit is perfect for lovers of tasty and exotic cuisine. These crops need relatively few hours of sunlight, between 3 and 4 daily, though more is always better, it’s not important, so you can place this kit on the windowsill, your balcony or in the garden, wherever suits you best. Radish and rocket are robust crops, and need little fussing, and when tasted fresh, are unrivalled in flavour – they really will raise the temperature! Learn to grow your own urban garden and surprise yourself with new and fun recipes

You should choose this spicy touch grow kit if…

  • You have somewhere in your home or garden where the SeedBox can enjoy 3 or more hours of sun daily.
  • If you are a tad impatient and want fast results… this grow kit is the fastest in the collection!
  • If you want to enjoy harvesting roots and leaves at the same time. Rocket is cut-and-come-again, whilst the radish will need replanting after each harvest.
  • If you like cooking, creating and experimenting with new recipes, whilst using fresh and flavourful ingredients.

Have a look at the characteristics of this kit, how to plant, look after the crops and recipes for using them on our blog. Radish / Rocket


24.99 GBP

Red Radish
Raphanus sativus

This variety has a white tip and is appreciated in salads. Typically harvested from spring to autumn, but winter crops are also possible. Radish comes from southern Asia and is used the world over. It is rich in vitamin C and has other health benefits, while a high growing temperature produces a spicier flavour. It’s is excellent for decorating salads and in pickles.


Harvest: after 1 month from a sunny indoor or outdoor position Plant: All year indoors Light: Water:

Eruca Vesicaria

An annual crop, it is primarily used for salads and has a distinctive flavour. It’s been cultivated in the Mediterranean since Roman times and is considered an aphrodisiac. It is used mainly in a variety of salads, on pizzas and in pasta dishes. Its characteristic flavour is lightly bitter and a touch spicy which is beneficial for digestion. We recommend making rocket pesto.


Harvest: after 1.5 months from a sunny indoor or outdoor position Plant: All year indoors Light: Water:

24.99 GBP

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