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There’s nothing like a tomato harvested at its peak of ripeness, bursting with flavour, perfect in form, rounded, smooth and shiny…

In a tomato taste test, the fresh, sweet flavour of a recently picked organic tomato will always stand out over the day to day produce found in the majority of food stores. The flavour is sweet, the flesh soft and juicy, these tomatoes appear to be from a different world, and for some, the difference between organic and conventional production could be classified as just that – from two different worlds.

In the chaos of the city, the urban sprawl, we are no longer that far from growing the perfect tomato… SeedBox is a great new option for you to grow your own tomatoes, in your kitchen, front room, garden or balcony, whatever sunny spot you have available.

In just 3 months from planting the seeds you’ll be harvesting sweet, ripe cherry tomatoes, and enjoying the delightful flavours of the countryside. But how do you grow the perfect tomato? It’s almost as if you just add water, SeedBox makes it that easy for you. Every SeedBox comes with detailed instructions as well as information on our blog to help you have a perfect harvest every time.

But how do we select that tomato, the best, the perfect tomatoes, the ones that’ll have your friends talking… the one that could remind you of your childhood in grandpa’s allotment?! So as I’ve said it’ll be around 3 months until the tomatoes are forming and ripening. Usually the first flowers will produce the first ripe tomatoes, so focus on the lower branches of the plant to begin with.

Be careful not to get too excited and just pick all the reddish ones… the perfect, fully ripe tomato is the one you harvest at the moment just before it’d choose to fall from the vine, when, if you touch it delicately, it falls into your palm, offering no resistance. This will be the perfect tomato, and it’s usually ready a day or two after you think they are! It’s at this moment its natural sugars are highest, and therefore at its sweetest, the moment the plant releases its grip so that it can drop to the floor, in perfect condition to attract a potential diner that in the wild would then help scatter its seeds and reproduce. This is the perfect tomato… and the one you can enjoy time after time as your plant matures each and every shiny red fruit.


We hope this article has been of help to you, tell your friends if it’s the case, tell us if not!

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